In The Flesh: Issac Jones & Pablo Nunez @

By September 8, 2011Gay

When Pablo Nunez arrives at Issac Jones’ office to give him the documents he had requested he finds his overworked boss fast asleep on the couch. And there’s no waking him no matter how hard he tries, although in truth he doesn’t try to hard. With his sexy boss out to the world, the temptation of playing with himself and shooting a load over him without him knowing is just to strong and he’s soon rubbing his rock hard cock. But the excitement gets the better of him, as he dares to take out Isaac’s cock to play with it using his favourite sex toy but this only wakes him up. Luckily for Pablo his boss is completely turned on by the situation and orders him to carry on jerking and sucking him off before getting fucked nice and hard on the office floor.


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