[Interview] FRANCOIS SAGAT revealed: Just an ordinary man?

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This interview was originally written by Wilfried Knight.
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Francois Sagat: if you are gay and do not know this name, his face, you may want to review your social standards. It just is impossible not to know who he is, or at least come across his image, one way or another..A man i look up to in many ways, as a performer, as a model, and most importantly, as a friend. A unique face, a trademark tattoo, an exceptional body which still, to this day has not changed a bit (I still to this day he may be sleeping in an oxygen tank or something), he is one rare porn performer who managed to cross over to mainstream, managing acting parts in movies like “L.A Zombie”, “L’ homme au bain” or SawVI”. His creativity has now been put to the test in the latest Titan feature, “Incubus” which he created and directed. He is loved, praised, but often can also be criticized, disliked, even hated. This just shows the status he has now reached. Whatever he does, he is bound not to leave you indifferent. Time to learn more about the man himself.

Thanks for doing this interview with a fellow french colleague. How are you mister? I assume you are now back in Paris. What are you keeping busy with these days?

Hello Willf , I’m back from London yes ,was hosting and promoting RoomService Party …fun … I’m quite busy at some point , was really creative and working hard the last 5 months , intense …Also promoting films in festival,p reparing other stuff that take forever. And right now, nothing has happened for the last  10 days …I’m  not always busy busy . But the free time also can get  busy …I just live, you know .

The first part of your new Titan movie, which you starred in and directed, just came out. I have to say it looks amazing. Are you proud of the result? Is there anything you would change? 

Of course , I’m very proud of the intense work we all gave around this project …Brian Mills,Bruce Cam and me +  all the crew ,Paul, Marty…we were really close together, and for a first new “job” I have to admit that I didn’t feel any tension …or so much stress …we were all really really on time,scheduled …And prepared! Speaking of the creation process: everyone in Titan was really faithful  to my vision and to what I wrote …But at the end, honestly I wish I could create from that : a non-porn story,there is much development i could add to it  !!!! I knew what the deal was, from the beginning , there is nothing I regret …It’s a nice new experience …It s a great Titan Porn …it’s very “corporate” and twisted at the same time, can I say that ???

-No, you can’t, but thank god you do, life would be boring if only politically correct!

The DEAL was to make something that look like my universe and at the same time, something ATTRACTIVE in a basic way (don’t think my deep tastes are “attractive”) …something that everyone could enjoy . So I had to do some compromises on this project, because  truly , my goal is not to PLEASE people , it’s the total opposite .I had to deal with the commercial aspects .But I will hopefully come up with another idea of film in the future, not necessarily porn . That will be completely INDEPENDENT from the porn industry as I know that I want an uncontrolled structured project …as opposed to Incubus .At least I did Incubus, and that way I actually discovered that I had the ability of building some sex around an inspiration …and vice versa.

Please tell us what you actually were involved in and what you were not responsible for. For example, did you directed all scenes, did you create costumes, etc?

I was the one who wrote all the main introduction,the whole scenes ,one by one …the prologue. We did the casting all together , and was a real pain in the ass: we couldn’t get all the guys I wanted,we had many issues with availability of models.I’m wondering right now , why  I didn’t have you in my movie, answering that question (the guys cast in Incubus are exceptional! You made the right choices, and you definitely did not need me). Of course I took care of all the costumes of the movie , I was the one who drew some outfits and other accessories, I had designers to help me out conceiving it from Paris and London.I did the make up at some point , for some parts of the movie.I performed (and we are glad you did!) …it was not a small part of the shooting lol,I may have been too present , but it was part of the story …I helped building the set in studios. I dressed the guys, I took care of them .I briefed them before each scene, we spoke a lot …And I was behind the camera of course, most of the time ,with the help of Brian Mills …for a first time , I could enjoy his amazing help because I was not really aware about the specific terms the first days …The only thing I was not responsible for was the main editing of the movie ..big big detail .If it was me I would have done something really different and not structured .I would have done a big huge music video clip  and losing myself in awkward effects, but it wouldn’t have the same impact with sales, and I understand that .

It is smart and realistic to be aware you would need to compromise on such a project, but time will tell how far you can go on the next one. Is it something you actually always wanted to do, or did Titan offer you the opportunity?

This is something that was in a corner of my head, something I should try yes, absolutely , but not something I was meant to do or achieve .No .I’m just willing to “test” myself in new creative projects.I tried that one. Titan came to me …I didn’t want to come back after 2 years of a porn break as a simple performer, we agreed together that it was the good time to propose this new way of working together.They offered me the opportunity YES , and it’s a new step in my life .But it’s not “my life” .The ideal transition would have been , not to be in the movie at ALL .I still have this fear of “BEING there naked again” and not being taken seriously performing in my own movie .

– Would you consider such job a full time future for you?

Not with porn , I don’t think so .I’m still very hesitant , I think If I chose to work in the porn industry I would feel too limited. Because of the fact that you have to sale and PLEASE “customers” libido with that specificl format…Otherwise I would just do that to enjoy myself as a creative activity in a very independent way  …Rules are necessary .But I don’t like creative frustration. That’s not the same in the regular movie industry .I think .The only limitation is the “sexual content”…There are so much “contradictory similarities”in each way.Suggestive sex, without revealing it appears more interesting to me .

-Your place in the adult industry is unique. So are you looks. I doubt you can ever go out anywhere gay without being accosted by followers. How do you manage to keep some kind of private life despite this attention?

You certainly know what you’re talking about, you’re known too, you have a fan base also.

Mine is WAY smaller that yours!

Well, I’m hiding myself, I choose my places: I wear a hat ,I try not to show my eyes, .I walk from A to B , I’m focused and not relaxed, and VERY AWARE when I’m “outside” as much as I can .I ‘m not hanging out in gay bars …I’m very confident when it comes to work in official ways …people are very nice , but It’s just a moment . I don’t want people to get too close .I’m very nice and generous but for a limited time …Setting limits is very healthy for people and for me .I have almost unlimited time for friends.And thank God I’m not that much recognizable .I imagine the “real celebrities and famous artists” . i consider I’m nothing .I have a lot of private moment at home …I’m a careful and paranoid person .It goes with my life .Nothing spectacular , it’s very logic, isn’t it ?

-If you are so keen on privacy, what did drive you to become such a strong public persona, at the price of losing most of it within the gay realm?
You can give what you want to anyone you want , I consider still being very private in a way, inside 4 walls or with people I choose and Friends that I have .I’m just an occasional fucking narcissist and an exhibitionist ,and a slut too, I forgot ;thank god it is not constantly the case. With the time I’m less and less obsessed with how I’m gonna look for people ,it’s way better now , even if I still like to control few details . I may be schizophrenic to manage to spread that persona ?? ok, first it was a strange physical that stands out but then …its not enough .Its very hard to speak about that , as I’ve lost some things that I could have lost in another way , not doing porn, so i guess that’s fine .

-Are you truly yourself in such places as Folsom or you switch on the porn personality around fans? Would there be a well-defined dichotomy between the porn Sagat and the real Francois?

You’re never really 100% yourself in a crowd.You’re just pushing the button “Im sociable,let’s go,let’s interact with people” ….but you have to be ready for that .we’re not machines, but you have to handle people’s energy,they are VAMPIRES, and I’m not saying it in a bad way .It’s just the fact of the situation .You have to be strong and professional enough to be ready when needed .That’s why , in a stronger way, I have so much admiration for singers or movie stars.Not everyone can work on that .It is not for everyone .I guess I’m really able to do it , like some other porn performers I know. Then , speaking About Folsom , someone was rude and pushy to me . I had to show him that I could be also a cunt not allowing him to talk me like this…then here we go , i was really myself at that precise moment …normal.

You have now crossed over to the mainstream, which i admire. It takes a lot of efforts, drive. How did this work for you? Any further possibilities for you within this field?

  I may have crossed over the mainstream but “HALFWAY” I consider .We re still staying on a gay base …non-porn ok …but still something very underground . And I was an instrument more than a “driver” .It didn’t take any efforts i have to admit , I just created myself as a “curiosity” to people .they were always going the same way .I never contacted anyone .They did all the job for me ! I consider being lucky enough for that , but then ?? We’ve reach a point where I tried many many things in terms of image and I have the feeling (it may be very personal) that there is not much material to give at the present moment .Sometimes I think I’m really spinning around…

Well Kylie did it, it seems to work pretty well for her! But creation comes from renewal rather than spin on oneself, doesn’t it?

I need to go further by creating something that belongs to me but not “with me” .And it’s actually what I’m trying to think about , and then to DO .But the process is really long  and transitional .And life goes on, and you have to make a living , and you compromise yourself in things that you don’t really wanna do …And you can’t get as picky as you want .

-I would think it will come to you. You can not be picky in early stage but patience may pay. I have seen of lot of your shots. You have worked with some of the best photographers (Philip Riches, Pierre and Gilles..). Anyone out there you haven’t posed for and that you would crave to work with?

I would die working for Juergen teller, Steven Meisel and Steven Klein , but it’s nice to dream .I’m just simply really connected to their sensibility , it doesn’t mean I’m able to be part of their vision, and I’m fine with it .I’m just very happy I took the time one day to open an Italian Vogue (for example) and  first check their work while I was a teenager .I’m a man, a short one that made his image from gay porn…I’m also not a female supermodel (You sure?)But …everything in Life is possible as long as you are yourself. Shooting for Terry Richardson was actually something unexpected that was deal in 2 weeks .I’m remembering every single minute of that day .

-Following my personal experiences, i know once you have performed in porn, the label follows you wherever you go. When attempting the mainstream road, Did you find it hard to be taken seriously, or be given credit for skills that are not depending on your appearance? How did you handle it?

Porn is a big deal on the road  , and still  now in 2012 .I ‘ve never suffered from the fact that it would be an obstacle  because simply , I didn’t have the goal to become a regular actor …it’s not something I was dying for .And suddenly I’m offered a cameo in a very famous horror movie .This is hilarious .

-More than hilarious, it is really something you should be proud of. Any desire to pursue it further?

After having a meeting in a very famous regular acting/actor agency in Paris, with an agent (that told me that he was willing to try to make me work in his agency but without signing any contract )…I understood that I was too much “specific” to have my place there or anywhere else.Disappointing , but expectable .

One public assumption i have come across during the last year, is that most porn actors are HIV+, regardless of the fact the studios we work for are VERY safe. Where do you think such idea come from? 

I think I came to the same conclusion ? But I was thinking at the same time that you were talking generally about the whole porn industry ? Straight and  gay , right ?


Being  a porn performer and working exclusively for a SAFE porn company is one thing , then what you do in your private life is another one.You have descent ways of showing a sexual act ,and the truth is not necessarily or always as beautiful as the product …Then…There is  bareback porn …

-What do you think about bareback porn? Are you indifferent to it, are you against it?

I’m not indifferent to it …it’s all over the web ,I’m following blogs …I watch porn news , it’s incredible how it’s growing since those last 3 years…I found myself watching clips and stuff, I mean , I’m not feeling guilty having watched it , who didn’t PLEASE ?…you can get aroused sometimes , but sometimes it’s really about hot Guys more than unsafe sex .THEN , i don’t consider bareback sex as something enjoyable knowing the damages that are behind the Spectacle. Those producers are creepy , and think it’s an Ugly business, really ugly …It plays with temptations and desires …it’s creepy .It’s all about ROTTEN BEAUTY, it would sounds good for a book or a song , but “that” reality is hopeless .I’m against it yes.

People love to put perfomers on a pedestal and then destroy them, whether it is in the mainstream or the adult entertainment industry. I once came across a blog (probably someone who wishes he slept with you, or he was you) who labelled you as overexposed. Jealousy and bitterness come as part of success. How do you deal with it, what would you have to say to your haters?

Judgmental People are assholes .But I’m accepting this fact. I have one thing to tell the haters : I’m actually really thankful for them to make me learn how NOT TO JUDGE people I don’t know personally.

-When Francois Sagat first came on the american porn scene, it was an explosion. What part of your own personality do you think changed since then? What part of you grew(not talking about penis..) what part of you changed?

I actually forgot my state of mind that time,I was believing in myself for sure, and more than now .Maybe I was giving too much importance for things that I found so anecdotic today.I was enjoying the first steps,it was an ultimate excitement but as a worried person that I am , I was already aware that I was following a dangerous road .I’m glad I was a bitter conservative european .It may have saved me.

When Francois Sagat looks into the mirror, what does he now see?

I see that fucking blue stuff on the top on my head …No, I see the most unstable person in the world .

-And i have heard you say before that you still see your physical appearance as average despite your popularity?? How?!
I’m very realistic about the way I look physically yes …it’s just the fact that I’m not classically “pretty” , I’m actually kind of “harsh” and “ungrateful” …But I’ve heard I was very attractive,sexual OR the other way “DISGUSTING” and “RIDICULOUS” . It’s not a good comparison,but why do Kate Moss or Kristen McMenamy last longer that the other ones in the fashion industry and beyond ?? Because they re imperfect ,unique and versatile . But …at the end , the whole “stuff” that I represent : works .
But being a man and being attractive is more the way you behave and the way you present yourself without trying to be absolutely “beautiful” or harmonious . To be honest , each time I’m checked and stopped at the airport or in the eurostar station ,I feel it’s a compliment to be considered as  a “Drug Dealer” or someone suspicious …(more than looking like a fag right ?).
Then, the popularity around is meaningless …They think you’re amazing and beautiful because they have all your pictures and video archives in mind …tt’s a mirage .Distorted Vision .
 -So, speaking about distortion, you initial passion was fashion, something you sometimes express with how you dress when go go dancing. Do you miss it, would you ever consider embracing such career again?

Not at all, I’m not strong enough to follow that road .I like perfectionism but I don’t wanna focused into details and ephemeral sacralization, fashion is dying every 3 months. I don’t wanna be trapped in such a heavy rhythm .I actually love to talk about fashion with experimented people …I just don’t like to speak about the past, this past .

You have lived in Paris, but visited and stayed in many towns around the world. Now, what would be the town you ideally would want to live in?

I ‘ve always lived in Paris .I guess I wanna stay there .It’s boring, and it fits perfectly with me .I can escape somewhere else in the world, being someone else, behaving differently , being “too much”,being exotic …And then coming back here, in my city ..Nothing more, nothing less. I don’t see anywhere else actually .

-Stupid but common question: what do you seek in a man? What would be your ideal man like?


Well, plenty of choice for you out there i would say! Now, let’s talk about commitment (as i write that word, plenty of gay men run away screaming and searching for cover!): In the United States, militants insist on getting gay “marriage”. Marriage has a religious connotation that probably motivate the conservative to fight such gay option. Wouldn’t you think it would be easier only to campaign for gay “civil union”? What would your opinion be?

Like the PACS in France(???) .Yes it would be an option, something more convenient for everyone, but then  the meaning of the right to equality loses his importance again .I never had any real strong opinion about the (straight or gay) marriage .Marriage is not very 2012 lol,it’s a bit old-fashioned no ??Let’s try something else , NO official marriage anymore for anyone …Only CIVIL UNION for straights and gays .

Any sexual fantasies you have not realized yet that you may want to share?

I will not tell you.

-I knew it! Who, if you have any, is either the best adult performer in your eyes, or someone you would want to perform with?

I don’t see anyone , I don’t care about that . I wish I had never performed with Erik Rhodes,I think it was our idea together…but It ruined everything the way it was, because I have such an admiration for who he is. He is by far a very sensitive and subtile person and I wish I would have, at least, kept our respective intimacy intact .I’ve never seen him again since 2009.

Dog man or cat man?

Who me ? I’m a pussy .what did you expect ?

-Why i am surprised???!! Anyway… Ultimately, A perfomer in the adult industry is like a dancer or gymnast. It does not go on forever. If you do care to share, what would be your back up plan once the run in porn has gone its course? Any exciting plans?

Tons of uncertain things …Tons of broken promises , huge amount of computations , some hope , some fear , but with this question, that I hate the most : I will always be elusive . wink.

“Pour vivre heureux, vivons caches” they say. Regardless, would you be kind and less elusive enough to inform us of any new projects you would want your followers to be aware of, or anything you would want to promote?

It may seem very rude and arrogant : but WIKIPEDIA will update all the reliable and finished official projects at the right time  … LOL !

BITCH!!! And by the way, you are not rude, you just happen to be like me: FRENCH. Love you man, and i am sure most of us agree:  Long live Sagat!

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